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Staff Information
  Meghan Slean  

Ph.D Candidate

  Email: meghan.slean@utoronto.ca  
  Research Interest/Responsibility  
  DNA Repair on trinucleotide repeat instabiltity  
Slean MM, Reddy K, Wu B, Nichol Edamura K, Kekis M, Nelissen FH, Aspers RL, Tessari M, Schärer OD, Wijmenga SS, Pearson CE Interconverting Conformations of Slipped-DNA Junctions Formed by Trinucleotide Repeats Affect Repair Outcome. Biochemistry 2013 Feb 5;52(5):773-85
Tomé S, Manley K, Simard JP, Clark GW, Slean MM, Swami M, Shelbourne PF, Tillier ER, Monckton DG, Messer A, Pearson CE MSH3 polymorphisms and protein levels affect CAG repeat instability in Huntington's disease mice. PLoS Genetics 2013;9(2):e1003280.
Tomé S, Simard JP, Slean MM, Holt I, Morris GE, Wojciechowicz K, te Riele H, Pearson CE Tissue-specific mismatch repair protein expression: MSH3 is higher than MSH6 in multiple mouse tissues. DNA Repair 2013 Jan 1;12(1):46-52
Panigrahi GB, Slean MM, Simard JP, Pearson CE Human mismatch repair protein hMutLα is required to repair short slipped-DNAs of trinucleotide repeats. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2012 Dec 7;287(50):41844-50.
Panigrahi GB, Slean MM, Simard JP, Gileadi O, Pearson CE. Isolated short CTG/CAG DNA slip-outs are repaired efficiently by hMutSbeta, but clustered slip-outs are poorly repaired. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2010 July; 107(28):12593-8.
Slean MM, Panigrahi GB, Ranum LP, Pearson CE. Mutagenic roles of DNA repair proteins in antibody diversity and disease-associated trinucleotide repeat instability. DNA Repair. 2008 July; 7(7):1135-54.
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