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Staff Information
  Katharine Hagerman  

Ph.D Candidate

  Email: k.hagerman@utoronto.ca  
  Research Interest/Responsibility  
  Cis-elements on trinucleotide repeat instability  
Cleary JD, Tome S, Lopez Castle A, Panigrahi GB, Foiry L, Hagerman KA, Sroka H, Chitayat D, Gourdon G, Pearson CE. Tissue-and age-specific DNA replication patterns at the CTG/CAG-expanded human myotonic dystropy type 1 locus. Nature Structural Molecular Biology. 2010 September; 17(9):1079-87.
Hagerman KA, Ruan H, Edamura KN, Matsuura T, Pearson CE, Wang Y-H. The ATTCT repeats of spinocerebellar ataxia type 10 display strong nucleosome assembly which is enhanced by repeat interruptions. Gene. 2009 April: 434(1-2):29-34.
Libby RT, Hagerman KA, Pineda VV, Lau R, Cho DH, Baccam SL, Axford MM, Cleary JD, Moore JM, Sopher BL, Tapscott SJ, Filippova GN, Pearson CE, La Spada CTCF cis-regulates trinucleotide repeat instability in an epigenetic manner: a novel basis for mutation hot spot determination. PLoS Genetics. 2008 November; 4(11):e1000257.
Mulvihill DJ, Nichol Edamura K, Hagerman KA, Pearson CE, Wang YH. Effect of CAT or AGG interruptions and CpG methylation on nucleosome assembly upon trinucleotide repeats on spinocerebellar ataxia, type 1 and fragile X syndrome. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2005 February; 280(6):4498-503.
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