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Staff Information
  Dr. Gagan Panigrahi  

Post-Doctoral Fellows

  Email: g.panigrahi@rogers.com  
  Research Interest/Responsibility  
  DNA repair on trinucleotide repeat instability  
Reddy K, Schmidt MH, Geist JM, Thakkar NP, Panigrahi GB, Wang YH, Pearson CE. Processing of double-R-loops in (CAG)ˇ(CTG) and C9orf72 (GGGGCC)ˇ(GGCCCC) repeats causes instability. Nucleic Acids Research 2014 Aug 21.
Pinto RM, Dragileva E, Kirby A, Lloret A, Lopez E, St Claire J, Panigrahi GB, Hou C, Holloway K, Gillis T, Guide JR, Cohen PE, Li GM, Pearson CE, Daly Mismatch repair genes Mlh1 and Mlh3 modify CAG instability in Huntington's disease mice: genome-wide and candidate approaches. PLoS Genetics 2013 Oct;9(10):e1003930.
Panigrahi GB, Slean MM, Simard JP, Pearson CE Human mismatch repair protein hMutLα is required to repair short slipped-DNAs of trinucleotide repeats. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2012 Dec 7;287(50):41844-50.
Tomé S, Panigrahi GB, López Castel A, Foiry L, Melton DW, Gourdon G, Pearson CE. Maternal germline-specific effect of DNA ligase I on CTG/CAG instability. Human Molecular Genetics 2011 Jun 1;20(11):2131-43.
Cleary JD, Tome S, Lopez Castle A, Panigrahi GB, Foiry L, Hagerman KA, Sroka H, Chitayat D, Gourdon G, Pearson CE. Tissue-and age-specific DNA replication patterns at the CTG/CAG-expanded human myotonic dystropy type 1 locus. Nature Structural Molecular Biology. 2010 September; 17(9):1079-87.
Panigrahi GB, Slean MM, Simard JP, Gileadi O, Pearson CE. Isolated short CTG/CAG DNA slip-outs are repaired efficiently by hMutSbeta, but clustered slip-outs are poorly repaired. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2010 July; 107(28):12593-8.
Slean MM, Panigrahi GB, Ranum LP, Pearson CE. Mutagenic roles of DNA repair proteins in antibody diversity and disease-associated trinucleotide repeat instability. DNA Repair. 2008 July; 7(7):1135-54.
Panigrahi GB, Lau R, Montgomery SE, Leonard MR, Pearson CE. Slipped (CTG) (CAG) repeats can be correctly repaired, escape repair or undergo error-prone repair. Nature Structural Molecular Biology. 2005 August; 12(8):654-62.
Panigrahi GB, Cleary JD, Pearson CE. In vitro (CTG)*(CAG) expansions and deletions by human cell extracts. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2002 April; 277(16):13926-34.
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