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Current Staff
  Principal Investigator  
  Dr. Christopher Pearson  
  Research Technicians  
  Research Technicians are responsible for the organization and safety of the lab. They purchase lab equipment and reagents as well as keep inventory of common stock solutions, DNA/Plasmid library, and cell lines. Along with general lab organization, research technicians are also involved in various research projects, train and teach new students and help other members in the lab (post-docs and students) with their work. In the Pearson lab, research technicians also help to write manuscripts for publication, present posters and workshops at conferences.  
  Shirley Guan      
  Post-Doctoral Fellows  

Post-docs are independently involved implementing, maintaining and directing a comprehensive research project while writing manuscripts and aiding in directing the research focus of the lab. Post-docs are responsible for presenting at conferences, departmental seminars and journal club.

  Dr. Stella Lanni Dr. Lisa Yu  
  Research Associates  
  Independently designs, plans, organizes and implements laboratory research projects. Remains currents on research of current principles and theories.Often serves as an internal consultant. Designs lay-out and prepares peer reviewed scientific manuscripts and grant proposals. Arranges publication of articles in international journals and publications. Provides leadership and supervision within the research group on scientific matters. Supervises and mentors trainees and technologists. Provides a continuity of research.  
  Dr. Gagan Panigrahi      
  Graduate Students  

Graduate students carry out research project(s) mainly aimed towards completion of their thesis. As part of their project, graduate students are expected to write manuscripts, attend and present posters and/or seminars at conferences, departmental seminars and journal club.

  Jennifer Luo Rachel Mador-House Neha Thakkar  
  Monika Schmidt      
  Project and Summer Students  
  Project and summer students participate in their own research project while usually working closely with a post-doc or graduate student. Depending upon their research experiences, they may also help out research technicians with the maintenance of the lab.  
  Karen Chiang      

Visiting Scientist




Andrea Todd

Dr. Zhi Yang

Kerrie Nichol Edamura

  Dr. Isabel Fernandez Carvajal Dr. Aida Baida Gil Rachel Lau  
    Dr. Arturo Lopez Castel Jodie Simard  
    Dr. Stephanie Tome    
  Graduate Student Project /Summer Student    
  Michelle Blondin Leonard (MSc)
Mariana Kekis (MSc)
Caroline Vosch (MSc)
Julien Marcadier (MSc)
Erin Montgomery (MSc)
Katharine Hagerman (PhD)
John Cleary
Michelle Axford(PhD)
Kaalak Reddy(PhD)
Meghan Slean(PhD)

Lakshmi Viswanathan
Stephanie Sue
Aurelie Martino-Gauchi
Karina Issekutz
Mandy Tam
Victoria Lao
Eric Coomes
Bilal Suboor
Spencer Sample
August Pearson


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