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Nichol Edamura K, Pearson CE. CpG methylation modifies the genetic stability of cloned repeat sequences. Genome Research. 2002 August;12(8):1246-56.


Cleary JD, Nichol Edamura K, Wang YH, Pearson CE. Evidence of cis-acting factors in replication-mediated trinucleotide repeat instability in primate cells. Nature Genetics. 2002 May; 31(1):37-46.


Panigrahi GB, Cleary JD, Pearson CE. In vitro (CTG)*(CAG) expansions and deletions by human cell extracts. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2002 April; 277(16):13926-34.


Novac O, Alvarez D, Pearson CE, Price GB, Zannis-Hadjopoulos M. The human cruciform-binding protein, CBP, is involved in DNA replication and associates in vivo with mammalian replication origins. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2002 March; 277(13):11174-83.


Sinden RR, Potaman VN, Oussatcheva EA, Pearson CE, Lyubchenko YL, Shlyakhtenko LS. Triplet repeat DNA structures and human genetic disease: dynamic mutations from dynamic DNA. Journal of Biosciences. 2002 February; 27(1 Suppl 1):53-65.


LeProust EM, Pearson CE, Sinden RR, Gao X. Unexpected formation of parallel duplex in GAA and TTC trinucleotide repeats of Friedreich\'s ataxia. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2000 October; 302(5):1063-80.


Pearson CE, Sinden RR. Trinucleotide repeat DNA structures: dynamic mutations from dynamic DNA. Current Opinion Structural Biology. 1998 June; 8(3):321-30. Review.


Pearson CE, Wang YH, Griffith JD, Sinden RR. Structural analysis of slipped-strand DNA (S-DNA) formed in (CTG)n . (CAG)n repeats from the myotonic dystrophy locus. Nucleic Acids Research. 1998 February; 26(3):816-23.

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