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Pearson Lab Group
MaRS - TMDT 2007
(from left to right: Christopher, Arturo, Isabel, Meghan, Aida, Michelle, Katharine, Victoria, John, Rachel, Gagan, Kaalak)
Our Lab at SickKids
(from left to right: Katharine, Kerrie, Rachel, John, Stephanie, Christopher)
Banff 2004
(from left to right: Katharine, John, Mariana, Michelle, Rachel, Gagan, Christopher)
The Lab
5th International Conference on Unstable Microsatellites and Human Disease,
Granada, Spain Nov 2006
The Organizers (Laura Ranum, Christopher Pearson, Albert La Spada)
At Alhambre (Katharine, Christopher, John)
On a sightseeing tour (Aida)
On a sightseeing tour (Katharine, John)
Poster Session (Katharine)
Poster Session (John)
Poster Session (Arturo, Christopher)
Granada (view from hotel)
Dinner on last day of Conference (Aida)
ASM Conference on DNA Repair and Mutagenesis, Bermuda 2004
Christopher going diving
Salk Institute, San Diego 2002
Christopher, Julien, John
Third Canadian Symposium on Telomeres and Telomerases, Vancouver 2002
Jim, Julien, Mariana
Mariana, Julien, Jim, Christopher
Third International Conference on Unstable Microsatellites and Human Disease,
The Netherlands 2001
Erin, Julien, Christopher, John
Third International Myotonic Dystrophy Consortium Conference, Kyoto, Japan, October 9-11, 2001
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