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The Pearson Lab studies the molecular mechanisms involved in genetic mutations in trinucleotide repeat sequences.  Instability (i.e., expansions) of trinucleotide repeats are responsible for numerous neurological, neurodegenerative, and neuromuscular disorders including myotonic dystrophy (the most common form of muscular dystrophy), Huntington's disease and fragile X syndrome (the most common form of inherited mental retardation). Our research focus is identifying cis-elements and trans-factors as well as cellular mechanisms (i.e., DNA repair, DNA replication, and epigenetics) that are involved in disease-associated repeat instability. We use molecular, cellular and chromosomal systems including primate models, patient cells and tissues and transgenic mice in our studies.
Repeat Disease Database
April 2011 Pearson lab to present research at 3rd Annual Genetics and Genome Retreat! Hosted by The Research Institute at The Hospital for Sick Children
September 2010 Pearson Lab publishes findings!
Jan 2009 The 6th International Conference on Unstable Microsatellites and Human Disease was held from Jan 17-22, in Costa Rica.